Sailor Scouts VS Breast Cancer – 2nd annual Fundraiser

dons finals

This past Saturday, the Sailor Scouts organized a fundraiser for the Quebec Breast Cancer Foundation through Twitch stream. Last year, we successfully raised 1,210$ and this year we have surpassed our objective and gathered 1,751$! 100% of this money goes straight to the foundation.

But let’s go back to the beginning of the story. As an all female esports team, we decided that Breast Cancer was our cause to bring attention to and fight for. This year, we had the help of so many great people who volunteered their time and energy to bring this event together.

Special thanks to: Montreal Esports Academy for letting us use their offices, equipment and most importantly, their freaking genius producer Elena who really took the quality of our stream to the next level!


Photo credit: Instagram

The famous French caster Drift, graciously volunteered to be the host for our stream, while Quake provided the 9000 IQ analysis and I added the English flavour!


Being in the green room (yea we weren’t really in Hanamura) , I felt like a true news anchor and star! I could really get used to that 😉

The three of us casted a mini 8 team tournament on our Twitch channel and took breaks in between games to do raffles and polls to give out keys for Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, graciously donated by Ubisoft Montreal  and a ton of local Quebec indie games, thanks to the generosity of Loto-Quebec. The Scouts did an amazing job behind the scenes by interacting with chat and making sure the whole stream went by smoothly.

Big thanks to the participating teams: Team Paradox, Ganymede’s Girls, Team Sasqwatch and everyone from Galactic Guardians, whose community team won the tournament! We saw some spicy gameplay, intense overtimes and a lot of Bree haha (she played for 2 different teams throughout the day).

Not only were we raising money with our tournament, but we also had a whole community of volunteer streamers that wanted to get in on the action and all their donations on October 20th went to the foundation as well! The community totally got together and did an amazing job. By the way, even though all donations were to the benefit of our local Quebec Breast Cancer Foundation, friends throughout Canada, America and even Europe took part in the fundraiser!

Donation MVPs: Oshko secretly dropping a fat donation and Scout fan superstar Andrewzorz hitting the triple donation.

Pèse sur Start also wrote a very touching article about Christine’s reason to take part in our event. She’s really inspirational and keeps the jokes rolling despite what she’s lived through. A real #girlboss.


After we wrapped up the stream, we walked a few blocks away and stopped for supper at a nice little Japanese restaurant. Time to relax and fill our bellies!

Once again, thank you tremendously for all your support. We are already planning on making next year’s fundraiser even bigger and pinker (lol)!

xo ❤

Competitive Hearth$tone and female only tournaments

The WESG USA and Canadian qualifiers were about to begin. I already knew that there were female only tournaments for Counterstrike because I am an old Stephanie ” missharvey ” Harvey fan. But to my surprise, there was also a Hearthstone female only tournament. An even bigger surprise was that only seven Canadian women had signed up for it. Although I had only played Hearthstone in its beta, I eagerly signed up for the tournament seeing that half the contestants were likely to win a cash prize at the Canadian finals.

Womens Hearthstone WESG Qualifier A

I plugged my cards into Hearthpwn, a third-party deck building app and wished for the best. As many Hearthstone players know, no matter how smart and cunning you are, the quality of your cards play a just as important role. Would I be able to win against anyone without spending any money on cards? LOL 😭

My first match in the WESG qualifiers lasted over half an hour to my surprise. At times I thought the game would even be winnable until my opponent pulled out Healing Rain (Restores 12 health randomly divided amongst friendly characters and only costs 3 mana!!!!!!!) … TWICE! Haha this is the spiciness I expect of real Hearthstone players. After my first loss I fell into lower bracket, won a game by forfeit and then lost in a super speedy match in less than 15 minutes.

hearthstone WESG Canada qualifiers women

Overall in my short one afternoon competitive HS career, I can say that it is a thrilling esport but I am saddened that despite the game being very accessible to play casually, it demands a financial commitment unlike most FPS and MOBA titles.

What I love about competitive Overwatch is that every player, no matter their skills, are given the exact same tools and abilities to play the game. No matter how many hours you’ve played, no matter how many dollars you’ve spent on loot boxes, everyone has an equal chance.

I think it would be awesome to have a Hearthstone tournament similar to Magic the Gathering’s sealed deck format, where players purchase 6 sealed packs and create their deck on the spot. Everything lies in the hands of luck and wit. Does this format or something similar already exist in Hearthstone?

Now back to what I said about this being one of the most accessible games out there right now. Hearthstone can be played on a low end PC, tablet or mobile phone so just about anyone can start playing for free. So why is there:

1. A female only tournament in a game of the mind (and wallet huehuehue)?

2. Why have only 7 women and 1 curious noob (me) signed up to represent Canada?

I do believe that female only tournaments with the idea to promote women in esports can be beneficial by shining a spotlight on female talent to encourage young girls to start playing as well. However, I would add that female only leagues with the sole purpose of dividing by gender to have a women play with women will not advance the skillsets of these players. Example: there should never be a women only Overwatch League. Like ever.

Female only tournaments should be a celebration of women getting together to play show matches and get more women interested to join in.

So why such a small turnout for such a big country?

There didn’t seem to be any advertisement whatsoever on WESG’s part. I only came across it by looking at women’s Counterstrike brackets (only 3 teams were in the qualifier themselves). Hopefully, next year and the years to come, WESG and other companies that plan to host female only tournaments will go that extra mile and do their tournaments justice by promoting it. WESG is offering great cash prizes that any esports enthusiast would love to compete for, but unfortunately, only a handful showed up to the party.



Dreamhack Canada 2018: WE MET SCARLETT!

I have amazing memories of the Sailor Scouts‘ first Dreamhack, in 2017.
It was our first LAN tournament together, we won a cash prize, we had unlimited Monster and we met McGravy.

Getting ready for this year’s edition, only Quake and I remain on the main roster and the other OG Scouts have moved on to substitute or management positions within the team. As a local Montreal / Quebec team, we were unfortunately unable to find a projectile DPS player so we had to expand our search two hours across the border and found this little juiced up gem: Bree.

Image result for dreamhack olympic stadium

Photo credit: Dreamhack Canada

Dreamhack Canada 2018 took place at the Olympic Stadium, which is HUGEEE, literally and for the Montreal esports scene. To have such a big venue and sell out, props to them!

With pockets full of Twitch bits and sub money, a generous donation from Lucky Hammers, and the help of our new sponsor Oshko, we made it to Dreamhack fully sponsored and ready to roll!

Saturday began with the Overwatch tournament at 9AM sharp. Sadly, this year only the top 3 placed teams will receive cash prizes (spoiler alert: we placed 7th out of 15 teams, booooo). The format was double elimination, but I was hoping for a group stage to stretch out our game time and make the most of our DH experience. We played some great matches against even greater teams but sadly, we were eliminated by Team Subzero. But not before getting a 5K first c:

I totally stole this clip to make IDDQTPIE Kawaii Adventures Episode IV.

Saturday night ended on a slightly sad note since we were eliminated from the tournament but we had a full Sunday to look forward to and explore the expo area.

We returned to the Olympic Stadium the next day and it was so much funner than we could have imagined! So many people wanted to interview us, take photos with us, just chat with us. Initially, the girls were thinking of leaving around noon, but we ended up staying past 5PM because we were having such a great time.


Photo credit: Shot by GL 514

The legendary Miss Harvey, Dreamhack Canada’s official spokesperson, made a little pit stop during her guided tours to chat with us and share some of her wisdom. She is such a class act and I just want to say how genuinely humble she is to take time with anybody who comes up to her for a photo or who wants to say hi. She loves her fans and it really showed this weekend as she was constantly in demand.


Photo credit: nice person at the booth across I think

Speaking of legendary Canadian women, WE FREAKING MET SCARLETT! Uh yea, you know the winner of the Intel Extreme Masters 2018 in collaboration with the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics, we just casually saw her standing there. Out in the open. At first I couldn’t believe it. Was Scarlett just a few feet away and easily accessible for selfies? I yelled for Annie to come confirm that I was not dreaming. We quietly whispered SCARLETT, SCARLETT! until we got her attention and asked for a photo.

It was on Annie and my bucket list to get a photo with Scarlett but we totally choked on what to say! We had tears watering up our eyes and we couldn’t find anything to say. I don’t even remember if anything intelligent came out of ours mouths. But at least we have this photo to remember.


Just strolling along in the Expo area, we got invited onto Loto Quebec’s live stream hosted by Denis Talbot and Bobby Gamache. We chatted about how awesome the weekend is going and the Sailor Scouts’ future plans in gaming. Denis Talbot, a pillar in Quebec’s gaming history, even took some extra time after filming to give us tips for our next interviews. It’s so great to feel how close the esports scene is and how genuinely kind people will always be there to support you and help elevate you. Warm fuzzy feelings.


We were about to wrap things up and start heading home when we ran into the tallest Gentleman ever, Étienne Veilleux from RDS! Every time I see him at an event, it’s a huge surprise because I am never looking that high up in the air, so I pretty much only see him last minute! Did you notice that Quake is the second tallest in the photo? At a staggering 5’4”.
And heeeyyy check out that Oshko booth in the back. Product placement!

All in all, it was an amazing jam packed weekend filled with video games and friendship. I can’t wait to see what Dreamhack Canada has in stored for 2019. I wouldn’t be opposed to traveling to Toronto maybe for an even bigger LAN venue?



Team Canada, LET’S GOOOO!!

It’s on guys! I applied to be Community Lead for Team Canada and my dream is going to come true!! Well… with your help 🙂 Click here to endorse me for a spot on the committee!

Want to know more about me? I made a little video just for the occasion!

Currently there seems to be a bug on the Blizzard site that is placing me and all Canadians / Australians in USA, but I’m sure they will sort that out soon.

Thanks for everything guys and grills. No matter what happens, just believe in yourself and make your own dreams happen.



Lan ETS 2018: RECAP

Lan ETS was only a week ago and it’s already such a blur. It was an intense day full of sickness (Annie had like a gastro? and I had been fighting to keep a cold at bay for days), rough matches, interviews and french fries.

Initially, we were all suppose to meet up Friday night to set up our computers, play a game or two and head home for a good night’s rest but for so many unforeseen circumstances, four of the girls had to setup the morning of the tournament. Which means super early morning!

Saturday at 8:30AM, we saw our group stage matches for the Overwatch tournament and it was a rough one! Our first match was against our own friend, Gingerale from Psykopaths Gaming, who I already pegged as one of the top 3 teams (I was only slightly off, they finished 4th!). After our first loss, we gave it our all for the next match vs NeverSleeps and came out winning. Unfortunately, we loss every match after that one though. It felt so bad!

I was pretty disappointed in our performance. We could have played tighter, fought cleaner and just overall took it to the next level. We did much better at Dreamhack 2017 and I was just hoping to repeat that success.

Our team’s coach had prepared a sealed emergency envelope for me to open when a match got too tough. Inside was a collage of Saebyeolbe photos with the words ‘DO IT FOR HIM’, just like in the Simpsons episode where Homer makes one with Lisa photos to keep him going when times are rough. I want to think I gave it my all for SBB, but maybe there could have been some better Tracer play on my part 🙂


At least the Lan wasn’t only about competition, it was also a great occasion to hang out with new friends and people we’ve only met online!

My number one pick for most anticipated real life meeting was Marie from Radio Talbot (also known as Akuiko). She is as beautiful as she is nice, what a dream hihihihi
While we were on our downtime, we passed through the expo area, and Lotto-Quebec had setup an Indie Zone where Radio Talbot was streaming live. Obviously when I saw Marie on stage, I had to do a shout out to her haha! I didn’t expect her to turn around and Denis Talbot inviting us on stage. You can see my impromptu Overwatch real talk here:

Yes that Soldier 76 with wings comment is pretty weird lol, but I was kind of expecting them to expect me to say Mercy. ”Take her away, everyone hates her resurrection ability!” Although I don’t play her often, I do know that a lot of people who are not typical FPS players have adopted into the genre because of Mercy’s easier game style.  And thanks to that, the Overwatch community has been able to grow into this huge machine that all kinds of players can enjoy, resulting in the creation of Overwatch League! After the nerf, I find her quite nice to play with and against.

We got the chance to be in so many interviews, here’s a little collection of them 🙂 I haven’t watched them all because I am super self conscious and just watching myself is cringe, but I’m told they are ok 🙂

Pèse sur Start
La Sphère


Last Christmas, we had competed in MSI’s Dragon Cup 5 tournament and won the favorite team award and a bunch of MSI swag. We knew MSI would be at the Lan as an exhibitor so we brought our polos and baseball caps to blend in with the staff. They were pretty confused but didn’t ask any questions haha
So we happily took a few photos with their dragon and went on about our day.


I think the highlight of the Lan was running into familiar faces.

// 1: We ran into Miss Harvey before her Radio Talbot interview. Later that weekend, she totally won the CS:GO tournament GG! She’s a true inspiration for not only women but gamers as a whole.

// 2: Look at Quake’s smile omg, it could power all the computers at this Lan 😀
Since Surlysheep wasn’t coming to ETS, Quake stepped up and took over the projectile DPS role in the team. We couldn’t be more proud of the former support main and her sick genji blades.

// 3: We are the two red heads of the team! Calypso needs to learn how to do a proper peace sign though.

// 4: Fabulous and I show off our Grizzlys roar with MTL Esports Benjamin. The Grizzlys just announced their purchase of a Overwatch Contenders spot and I can’t wait to see their matches!

// 5: Marie and I are in a mustache montage with ThuyPHD. Since the closing of Mixed Virtual Arts (rest in peace), I haven’t caught up with former co-owner Thuy.
If we could say that Meltdown Montreal is where the Sailor Scouts were born, I would say MVA is where the team spent their toddler years, developing and learning what it meant to play as a team. We would bootcamp there every Thursday for 3+ hours alongside the former Faucons de Montreal. This will stay in mind as one of the best summers I’ve ever had.

Anyways, since we were out of the tournament by Saturday evening, we were all exhausted and decided it was best to pack it up and rest on Sunday. Which was a good idea because my cold finally developed into a full blown sickness. Thank you body, for at least waiting until after Lan ETS 🙂


Dreamhack Montreal aka the day we met McGravy

I’ve never imagined Dreamhack would come to my home town, and here we are at the 2nd Dreamhack Montreal. Yay.

My all girls team, the Sailor Scouts, is competing in the Overwatch tournament. There are so many great teams coming from all over Quebec, and some from the USA, that my hopes for a top 3 spot might seem a little overstretched, haha. But there is one team I am looking forward to playing against: Envision. They are an Overwatch Contenders team and it would be just so fun to meet them in person.

And we totally did! We had a match against them in group play and we totally captured Illios at 44%. Of course Envision was playing more casually and having fun, but I’m pretty sure they were suprised 😛 We rewatched it all on Fahzix’s stream afterwards and they had a good laugh too.
I asked their manager for a group photo after the match, and they kindly accepted eeeeeeeeeeeeee!


McGravy is a totally cutie pie and he proudly held our bunny mascot!
Envision went on to win the Overwatch tournament the next day. GG!

Fabulous made this little commemorative photo for me but our friendship didn’t last! After the Lan, McGravy removed me from his Battle.Net friend list 😢😢😢
I can only assume it’s because he was at his friend limit and needed to make room 😅

The rest of our matches went very well, we won a few and surprisingly gave a hard time to some great teams.

We ended up with 6th place and brought some home cash money! Yay! That makes us professional gamers right?

photo 1

One of our financial donors, Scavenger Studios, was on site with their soon to be released game Darwin Project. The Sailor Scouts got their chance at the battle royal-esque game and GG to Quake coming out in 2nd place!

A great perk of Dreamhack was the unlimited quantities of Monster! My favorite energy drink is Monster Zero Ultra and it was just being handed out every where! Quake and I took full advantage of this haha.
One of the teams we played against were seated in the Bell VIP area and when we went to shake their hands after our match, they let us raid their personal fridge filled with even more Monster. 😊
Everyone is so nice on LAN!!

A good friend of ours, Kensigton was really impressed with our performance on Saturday, which is a huge compliment because he plays with some great Contenders level players. He graciously reviewed some of our matches and helped us with our Sunday game plan. After Dreamhack, he officially became our team coach 😊

Dreamhack 2017 was an amazing experience and I want to thank everyone who made it possible through our IndieGoGo campaign. It means so much to us that people believe in the Sailor Scouts and we are just at the beginning of this beautiful journey!


// Header photo credit: Voltaic Photo