Terrace House Part 5 Episode 35 & 36 Recap

Things are really starting to move quick!

The house is pretty quiet as there is only Yui, Shusuke and Aya but the new roommates start slowly trickling in one night and the first to arrive is 20 year old, Kaito. He’s a professional skateboarder who hopes to bring some skateboarding love to Japan. He is also friends with past TH members and pro surfers Guy and Makun. Makun who was also Seina’s first TH love interest! So, anyway, Guy and Makun shared their stories with him and Kaito thought it would be super fun to join TH.

Next to arrive is 19 year old, Maya who is a hafu, half Japanese and half Sri Lankian. She’s a fashion student and she’s at TH to sort of figure out her dreams for the future. And TH is like the perfect place for that. Just like Shunsuke, she also thinks she might be bisexual (but this doesn’t play a part in her plotline at all for now)

Last but not least to arrive is Sota, who is now the oldest of the group at 25. He works for an IT company that does game apps and other services. He’s at TH for research purposes, he wants to observe the members of specific age groups and hopefully get new ideas for services. It sounds pretty funny, but this is like a genius idea for a company to send someone at TH for market research. Anyway, Aya thinks he’s super hot, I’m so happy for her, already back into the game after the Taka debacle.

It’s pretty refreshing to have a group of people so young and close in age, you feel like there’s going to be so much potential for juicy storylines!

Already, Kaito admits he is surprised by meeting Yui, that he finds her unique. Kaito makes plans to research places to take her, well… actually she’ll have to take him because he doesn’t have his driving licence.

While Yui and Kato go grocery shopping, Aya gets to spend some alone time with Sota. She says, since you have a driver’s licence, you could drive us around sometime. And Sota totally takes it the wrong way and he’s like so you want me to be your driver? And like bring you where you need to go haha, but no no Aya meant like ‘dates’. It was a bit awkward.

Even though Kaito seems like a young boy, he’s a pretty good cook and he made beautiful dumplings to celebrate the first supper of the new members. The new members are all off from work and school the following morning, so they decide to do something together. Maya laughs and says hilarious and this straight face Sato turns to her and says no it’s not hilarious. It’s ok to laugh but don’t say something is hilarious when you don’t think it is. Haha I don’t know if Sato is being serious here or that’s his sense of humor, but I love it! It made a totally ordinary conversation go WTF. Come on Sato, you are here to do research on these humans, let them live a little!

The next day Shunsuke pretty out right asks Sato to go eat together. Hmm… pretty interesting. Even though Sota looks pretty stiff and strict, the members really seem interested in him!

Yui sits down one on one with Sota and he casually drops that he was married before and has a son that he hasn’t seen since the divorce. Woahhh!! So his background story is, he married at 20 years old and they had a child, it was really hard but they sticked together because they had a child. Unfortunately, it really didn’t work out and they got divorced and he agreed to not see the child because it would be strange for the kid growing up. Yui actually confesses, she’s never met her father either. I had no idea that this was becoming more and more common in Japan.

The more time that Aya gets to spend with Sato, she is convinced he’s not the person for her. She feels he’s got this cold vibe and personally, I don’t see the two together anyway. Yui on the other hand, seems to be interested in Kaito and I love the way that when she talks about him or is with him, she kind of has this youthful innocence to her, that she originally had when she first arrive to TH but then lost during the Yui vs Mayu story arc. So we are seeing Light Yui come back and it’s awesome. She’s a lot more light hearted.

Maya and Kaito go have soba together and it looks so freaking delicious. They kind of discuss Yui and how cute she is, Kaito hints that he thinks she’s good looking. Maya says she notices how he is always looking at Yui, and for a second, I thought she was playing matchmaker but then Maya says well don’t forget to look at me too. What! That subtle of a move! I think Kaito might even have missed it.

During a girl talk in the ladies’ bedroom, Yui confesses that she doesn’t know where she’s going career-wise. Since the last episode that aired, viewers have been pretty harsh with Yui on social media. We followed the process of Yui looking for work and going on interviews during the earlier TH days, so people knew she was looking for work in the bridal industry and which companies she applied for. And on social media, people were saying that she was ill fitted for a job like that and that the company must be getting wedding cancellations after seeing Yui on TV. So Yui thinks that she shouldn’t work in the bridal industry after all to not have all that negative spotlight on her and eventually on her future company. Which is why she turned down 3 job offers. Both Aya and Maya think that Yui shouldn’t give up on her career. And I totally freaking agree! It would be one thing if every bridal company hated her as well, but the fact that 3 companies offered her a position, it shows that they saw past that and recognize she was actually qualified for the job. Yea, so what if Yui was kind of a butthole on TV, we all work with buttholes at our jobs or go to school with buttholes. There’s always going to be people you don’t like, but deep down, she is a nice person, it’s just that Mayu made her go crazy!

The next day, Kaito wants to do his laundry, but there’s Aya’s bras and panties in the laundry room, and he didn’t know what to do, so he just left haha, reliable Yui is there to save the day though and removes the intimates for him.

Kaito asks Yui out to watch him skateboard. Minutes later, Maya walks in to the room, and she seems visibly like uneasy? I think you can start to tell that she IS interesting in Kaito and she doesn’t like how Yui and him are getting along so well. She even asks: how long have you guys been hanging out. Awkward.

Yui and Kaito go on their skateboarding date and they seem like two little kids. She seems genuinely interested in watching him skate. He even shows her how to skate but it starts raining and they take shelter under the skate ramp, like little kids! Yui seems to really have a crush on him and it’s kind of intriguing, cause I didn’t think that she’d be interested in him because he’s kind of childish compared to Noah.

One evening, the guys are in the dining room and talking about Sota’s experience with the female members so far. And he’s like yea I talked a bit with Yui about how I’m divorced and have a child… And the guys are like WAIT WHAT. This guy is so hilarious. Like you know it’s pretty shocking, but he says it so casually like you should’ve already known and if you didn’t, well you dumb.

It’s the night of Maya’s birthday and it’s a pizza party! The members got her fancy perfume, champagne and flowers. Now almost everyone is 20 year’s old!

And you know what else happened at 20 years old? Finally, Sota tells the remaining members his OBVIOUS story of how he got married at 20 and had a baby at 21. Good, finally everyone knows and he can stop trying to surprise people with that.

Shunsuke reveals to Aya that he finds Sota attractive and wants to get to know more about him. Wow Sota is totally a magnet! So Shunsuke’s plan is to lure him into a bath together and then discuss potential date ideas. Good luck to him!

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