What happened on Episode 33 and 34 of Terrace House Opening New Doors? Uh, a whole lot!

So we left off when Shunsuke arrived and Noah and Taka were home alone. He tells them he is there to kind of confirm his sexuality, because he isn’t sure if he is bisexual or not. He’s never told anyone close around him, so he’s hoping by being out in the open in the TH, living with both women and men, he’s going to discover himself. The guys take it really well, there was no awkward moment or any discussion about like the living situation or bathing situation.

Even when Seina finds out, she says ‘wow not only do you double the fun, you multiply it by 10!

Shunsuke takes a bath with Noah and when Noah got out of the bath, he patted Shunsuke on the head. Which he totally loved!! Shunsuke admits to Aya, he finds Noah attractive.

But too bad for him! Noah and Seina decide they are leaving TH together since they are an official couple. Originally, Seina came back on the show to find her last love, she found another young guy to be her boyfriend and this time, he’s rich! Noah came to TH to save money to become a pilot or something, I don’t really think he accomplished anything, but it doesn’t matter, he’s going to be known as Seina’s boyfriend now!

Taka and Seina do an adult only supper (because they are the only members that are over 22). He drops a freaking bomb that he is actually interested in a girl outside TH that he used to work with 3 years ago. WHAT! This is totally out of nowhere, and super weird now that he gave Aya body lotion and a you are beautiful towel and told her they’d go out on another date.

So when he comes back home, he asks to talk to Aya right away, which is so wrong because
1 – She is eating her ice cream and obviously this is a serious talk so she can’t finish it and it melts
2 – Now everyone knows that he was talking about Aya at his supper with Seina, so you can pretty much deduct that Seina is the one who ‘makes’ Taka break the news.

To make this conversation even worse, Taka ends it with like ‘I hope it goes well, I want to marry her, I picture my future with her. I’ll do my best. Ewww don’t tell her that. You don’t have to kick someone who’s already down! Poor Aya! All this time we thought Taka was shy or embarrassed by the attention Aya was giving him, but in reality, he liked someone else. I’m super sad for Aya.

Seina and Noah leave. Taka decides he will confess his love to this mystery girl and then leave TH the following day.

You want to hate Taka for leading Aya on, but when you see how different he is on his date with the girl he’s secretly in love with. He is completely different, he’s super talkative, romantic, like he’s another man. And the girl he’s in love with, is totally the opposite of Aya, in terms of looks and attitude. She looks like a reserved, demure type of person. Anyways, Taka asks her to be his girlfriend and she accepts. Finally, Taka is leaving!

Shunsuke looks for a part time job at a restaurant, but I guess he didn’t get it because we never see that place again.

It’s Taka’s last night and Aya shows she would’ve been an amazing girlfriend because she plans a surprise for Taka’s last supper. The doorbell rings and she answers it all excited and a male voice says Hi, I’m moving in. The door opens and it’s Shohei and THE best TH couple in the history of time: Shubasa!
Yea, that’s right, the most thoughtful girl who just got dumped by Taka, plans a heartwarming surprise for him like that. She is super classy.

And another reason I can’t hate Taka is that the morning before leaving, he freaking cut the grass on the TH property and did a huge cleaning of the bathroom and kitchen. Wow! Where the hell was Seina and Noah to do a little cleaning before they left? They should’ve sanitized the entire playroom before going.

One night the three leftover roommates, Aya, Shunsuke and Yui are watching the latest TH episode and it’s the one where Yui acts pretty harshly towards Mayu. After watching the commentary, she felt horrible and she admits she didn’t realize how bad it was. I guess a lot of people are saying horrible things about her on social media and it really affects her.   

3 new roommates are arriving next episode and they are all younger. So there is going to be an all new dynamic in the house!

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