Eating all of Kobe – Tasty street food in Arima Onsen and Kobe Chinatown

I love beef, I love steak, I ate it rare. I hope one day to live in Kobe, Japan and be able to eat all the beef, one day at a time. This is my retirement plan.

Our Celebrity Cruise ship stopped in Kobe and to my pleasant surprise, this beautiful town is much more than beef!
A total must visit: Arima Onsen. It is a hot spring town, it’s a bit touristic, but you will even see Japanese people come here to visit! Although I did not use an onsen, I did use a free foothbath with Arima’s ”golden water” and I could already feel invigorated after 15 minutes. There’s a lot of great tiny shops here and the town actually has maps displayed a few places so you do not get lost in the intertwining uphill roads.

There is also Kobe Chinatown, there is a lot of street food and very clean. I suggest that you be a little picky with your food choices here, a lot of restaurants have waitresses stand in front of their doors and try to wave you in. But if the restaurant or stand is empty, it might be a sign! I ate a few sub par things in Chinatown, but when I went to shops with a lineup, I was not disappointed!!

I really enjoyed the touristic areas of Kobe. Since we were there during the week, I never felt it was too crowded and I could easily stroll around at my leisure, which is the only way to travel and eat!

My personal motto: Enjoy eating everyday!