Japanese Tea Tasting in Montreal

You don’t have to travel to Japan to enjoy their beautiful culture. Earlier this month, I visited Salon de Thé Oasis in Montreal to experience their tea tasting workshop and it was amazing and authentic! 

As someone who doesn’t drink alcohol, I’ve never experience the matchmaking of wine and foods, but the tea master explained to us that tea in Asia is paired similarly. Our group of about 15 people gathered around the shop to  listen to the history of the teas we sampled and the instructions we were given to properly infused the teas on our own. 

And this is super serious business guys, different teas need to be infused at specific temperatures and times, comparable to wines that need to be chilled or uncorked before drinking.

We tasted some wonderfully luxurious teas that I will probably never drink again because they were very expensive (we’re talking about $1 = 1 gram) or very rare (Japanese red tea) but I’m just happy to have tried them all.

The tasting ended with a frothy matcha latte and beautiful mochi. 
Tea master pro tip: do not use animal milk in your lattes as the fat removes all the beneficial properties of the matcha. Instead, try almond or soy milk.

So, if you enjoy a good cup of green tea, I definitely recommend booking a spot at one of Salon de Thé Oasis‘ many workshops in 2019. 

Sipping on some delicious tea,