Before coming to Japan, I knew that I wanted to vlog my trip and start a Youtube channel dedicated to my travels but once I landed at Narita airport, my body just couldn’t keep up with my plans. I had seriously underestimated the impact that jet lag would have on my body.
13 hours on a plane, 2 hours on a bus in traffic and then a short 12 minute taxi ride later, we arrived at our hotel room in Yokohama. After dropping off our things, my parents and I went to walk around the block in search of the closest 7Eleven for a quick meal. We devoured all the treats the konbini had to offer and then the jetlag hit. I was dizzy and I felt like the floor was a moving elevator that just wouldn’t stop. I went to sleep without filming a single thing on my first night in Japan and I totally regret it!

We stayed at the Sotetsu Fresa Inn and this Japanese hotel had so many amenities! I was ridiculously surprised because this is a budget hotel and the cheapest I could find in the area near Osanbashi Pier (where we would embark on the cruise ship the following day). I’m talking about toothbrushes, hair brushes, hair elastics, face masks, name brand lotions and shampoos, teas, body sponges, razors, everything individually packed. We basically didn’t need to bring a thing. Oh and they supply you with a pajama set too! Wow! Come on, step it up North American budget hotel chains!

I still felt a little strange the next day, despite having a great 10 hour coma. And you will probably be able to tell in my first Japan video: Exploring Yokohama, that I’m still dazed and my camera work is like a roller coaster! I sincerely apologize to everyone who might get motion sickness from watching my video but I promise the next videos in my series are better!

So in summary, when you arrive at your destination after a long flight, take the time to relax and get some real good sleep in a bed and plan nothing for the next 24 hours! Or at least hold off from vlogging until you feel like your genki self again.

Stay healthy all you weeb travelers, because you don’t want to miss out on all the beauty of Japan!