Sailor Scouts VS Breast Cancer – 2nd annual Fundraiser

dons finals

This past Saturday, the Sailor Scouts organized a fundraiser for the Quebec Breast Cancer Foundation through Twitch stream. Last year, we successfully raised 1,210$ and this year we have surpassed our objective and gathered 1,751$! 100% of this money goes straight to the foundation.

But let’s go back to the beginning of the story. As an all female esports team, we decided that Breast Cancer was our cause to bring attention to and fight for. This year, we had the help of so many great people who volunteered their time and energy to bring this event together.

Special thanks to: Montreal Esports Academy for letting us use their offices, equipment and most importantly, their freaking genius producer Elena who really took the quality of our stream to the next level!


Photo credit: Instagram

The famous French caster Drift, graciously volunteered to be the host for our stream, while Quake provided the 9000 IQ analysis and I added the English flavour!


Being in the green room (yea we weren’t really in Hanamura) , I felt like a true news anchor and star! I could really get used to that 😉

The three of us casted a mini 8 team tournament on our Twitch channel and took breaks in between games to do raffles and polls to give out keys for Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, graciously donated by Ubisoft Montreal  and a ton of local Quebec indie games, thanks to the generosity of Loto-Quebec. The Scouts did an amazing job behind the scenes by interacting with chat and making sure the whole stream went by smoothly.

Big thanks to the participating teams: Team Paradox, Ganymede’s Girls, Team Sasqwatch and everyone from Galactic Guardians, whose community team won the tournament! We saw some spicy gameplay, intense overtimes and a lot of Bree haha (she played for 2 different teams throughout the day).

Not only were we raising money with our tournament, but we also had a whole community of volunteer streamers that wanted to get in on the action and all their donations on October 20th went to the foundation as well! The community totally got together and did an amazing job. By the way, even though all donations were to the benefit of our local Quebec Breast Cancer Foundation, friends throughout Canada, America and even Europe took part in the fundraiser!

Donation MVPs: Oshko secretly dropping a fat donation and Scout fan superstar Andrewzorz hitting the triple donation.

Pèse sur Start also wrote a very touching article about Christine’s reason to take part in our event. She’s really inspirational and keeps the jokes rolling despite what she’s lived through. A real #girlboss.


After we wrapped up the stream, we walked a few blocks away and stopped for supper at a nice little Japanese restaurant. Time to relax and fill our bellies!

Once again, thank you tremendously for all your support. We are already planning on making next year’s fundraiser even bigger and pinker (lol)!

xo ❤