Dreamhack Canada 2018: WE MET SCARLETT!

I have amazing memories of the Sailor Scouts‘ first Dreamhack, in 2017.
It was our first LAN tournament together, we won a cash prize, we had unlimited Monster and we met McGravy.

Getting ready for this year’s edition, only Quake and I remain on the main roster and the other OG Scouts have moved on to substitute or management positions within the team. As a local Montreal / Quebec team, we were unfortunately unable to find a projectile DPS player so we had to expand our search two hours across the border and found this little juiced up gem: Bree.

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Photo credit: Dreamhack Canada

Dreamhack Canada 2018 took place at the Olympic Stadium, which is HUGEEE, literally and for the Montreal esports scene. To have such a big venue and sell out, props to them!

With pockets full of Twitch bits and sub money, a generous donation from Lucky Hammers, and the help of our new sponsor Oshko, we made it to Dreamhack fully sponsored and ready to roll!

Saturday began with the Overwatch tournament at 9AM sharp. Sadly, this year only the top 3 placed teams will receive cash prizes (spoiler alert: we placed 7th out of 15 teams, booooo). The format was double elimination, but I was hoping for a group stage to stretch out our game time and make the most of our DH experience. We played some great matches against even greater teams but sadly, we were eliminated by Team Subzero. But not before getting a 5K first c:


I totally stole this clip to make IDDQTPIE Kawaii Adventures Episode IV.

Saturday night ended on a slightly sad note since we were eliminated from the tournament but we had a full Sunday to look forward to and explore the expo area.

We returned to the Olympic Stadium the next day and it was so much funner than we could have imagined! So many people wanted to interview us, take photos with us, just chat with us. Initially, the girls were thinking of leaving around noon, but we ended up staying past 5PM because we were having such a great time.


Photo credit: Shot by GL 514

The legendary Miss Harvey, Dreamhack Canada’s official spokesperson, made a little pit stop during her guided tours to chat with us and share some of her wisdom. She is such a class act and I just want to say how genuinely humble she is to take time with anybody who comes up to her for a photo or who wants to say hi. She loves her fans and it really showed this weekend as she was constantly in demand.


Photo credit: nice person at the booth across I think

Speaking of legendary Canadian women, WE FREAKING MET SCARLETT! Uh yea, you know the winner of the Intel Extreme Masters 2018 in collaboration with the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics, we just casually saw her standing there. Out in the open. At first I couldn’t believe it. Was Scarlett just a few feet away and easily accessible for selfies? I yelled for Annie to come confirm that I was not dreaming. We quietly whispered SCARLETT, SCARLETT! until we got her attention and asked for a photo.

It was on Annie and my bucket list to get a photo with Scarlett but we totally choked on what to say! We had tears watering up our eyes and we couldn’t find anything to say. I don’t even remember if anything intelligent came out of ours mouths. But at least we have this photo to remember.


Just strolling along in the Expo area, we got invited onto Loto Quebec’s live stream hosted by Denis Talbot and Bobby Gamache. We chatted about how awesome the weekend is going and the Sailor Scouts’ future plans in gaming. Denis Talbot, a pillar in Quebec’s gaming history, even took some extra time after filming to give us tips for our next interviews. It’s so great to feel how close the esports scene is and how genuinely kind people will always be there to support you and help elevate you. Warm fuzzy feelings.


We were about to wrap things up and start heading home when we ran into the tallest Gentleman ever, Étienne Veilleux from RDS! Every time I see him at an event, it’s a huge surprise because I am never looking that high up in the air, so I pretty much only see him last minute! Did you notice that Quake is the second tallest in the photo? At a staggering 5’4”.
And heeeyyy check out that Oshko booth in the back. Product placement!

All in all, it was an amazing jam packed weekend filled with video games and friendship. I can’t wait to see what Dreamhack Canada has in stored for 2019. I wouldn’t be opposed to traveling to Toronto maybe for an even bigger LAN venue?