Otakuthon: my first artist alley

I was really hoping to be able to get a table in the artist alley at this year’s Otakuthon, Montreal’s biggest anime convention, but my work situation wasn’t sorted out in time for the application. I sadly put that hope away and would try again next year.

Until, a month before the convention, a little angel called Genystar posted in an artist group that she was looking for a table mate. HeyGuys.

So here I am! Living it up, going to my first convention as an artist! Going to check that off my bucket list ✔

My first artist alley table at Otakuthon


I practiced my table setup before the con and I’m super happy with it!

The convention itself went by super quick, it was just a blur of awesome people! Everyone at a con is just so happy to be there and it feelsgoodman to be surrounded by people who love the same stuff as you. I met a lot of Overwatch fans and we talked about our favorite heroes and everything we love about the game, including Jeff haha.

I was so stunned that a few con-goers actually recognized me as IDDQT from my Overwatch team Sailor Scouts. It makes me so happy to know that our team is a project that people feel a connection to. But even more humbling is one girl recognized me as the girl that she voted for as Team Canada’s community lead. I wanted to cry when she asked me if I had won, haha 😭😭😭

Overall, I’m super proud of what I was able to accomplish with only 4 weeks to get ready for the con and I had an excellent experience, 10/10 want to do it again.

If I could give any tips to someone interested in getting an artist alley table for the first time, it would be:

  1. Sharing a table for your first con is an excellent idea!
    I’m so happy to have shared the table with a super friendly person. We watched each other’s stuff while the other took bathroom breaks and helped each other bag the other’s sales while we interacted with customers. It was also a lot less lonely to have someone to chat with when the crowds were smaller.
  2. You are going to need a lot of water and snacks!
    Do not underestimate the quantity of water you are going to need! You are going to talk to over 1,000 people and some of them will want to stick around and chat! So stay hydrated to keep your saliva supply in check. Also, unless you have a few friends on hand to bring you food (thank you Jessie and Sara!!), you are going to want to bring snacks with you to keep you from being hangry.
  3. Keep your cash on you and only on you!
    There were a few thieves at Otakuthon, that had been previously been spotted at past cons across Quebec and Ontario. So better be safe than sorry. You cash should always be held on you in a fanny pack or crossbody bag and then tie wrap that to your body. I, myself, used a crossbody bag and tied it to my belt loop on my shorts. Good luck stealing my money without taking my pants.
  4. Keep a record of everything!
    You are a business person so obviously you need to know what you sold throughout the weekend. Not only can you keep track how your money but what items sell best so that you are ready for your next con!

Can’t wait to see you next year Otakuthon,