Cool! Magazine & IDDQTPIE adventures III

Hey! Who’s that in the new August issue of Cool! Magazine?
Why, ita me, Mario! Wait, no! It’s IDDQT!
Thanks to the ladies at Pèse sur Start, I got my five seconds of fame by being featured as their Geek of the Month. This is super awesome, especially since I used to read Cool! when I was a teen (and it that wasn’t too long ago… hue hue hue).

I bought 2 copies of the magazine; one to treasure forever and the other to carry around with me to show everyone haha. And by everyone, I mean my parents. They thought it was nice, although my mom still wants me to focus on something else than gaming. Mooooooommm!!! 😦

Anyways, here’s my newest gaming video: IDDQT Kawaii Adventures III! Dedicated to you, mommy!

Music: BAAM by Momoland