Sailor Scouts invade Saguenay’s Saggeek convention!

The team was invited last weekend to attend the 3rd annual Saggeek convention in the beautiful Saguenay, 5 hours from Montreal.

One of our players, Quake, is actually a local from there and her parents still live nearby with their tiny little Yorkshire puppy. Since Quake is a native of the area, I hopped in her car for the long ride to the convention. We karaoke’d the road trip classics: Taylor Swift, Britney Spears and Katy Perry.

Arriving at Saggeek, we were part of their inaugural geek game where invited guests were separated by gender to play a reenactment of the popular Quebecois show; La Fureur. The Scouts were paired up with Valerie from Le Bento à Valérie (Quake and I totally grabbed a copy of her super kawaii cookbook!) and across from us were popular Youtubers; Steelorse and Luduc and friends. I’m sad to say we lost but I honestly had no clue about the theme: shows from our childhood. We totally didn’t have the same childhood as between the contestants, we probably had almost a 15 year difference!

Afterwards, we hosted a panel to discuss women in esports, similar to the one at Montreal Comiccon that we did the week before.

This is the coolest part though: we then split the Scouts into two teams of 3 and invited con goers to join us for some custom games! We shotcalled and encouraged the players, some new to the game, and just had a blast. For some of the guests, it was their first time playing in a team setting with a little bit of structure and I think they really enjoyed it 🙂

Afterwards, our duties were over at the convention and we got to walk around the exhibitor area, get temporary tattoos, buy some cute souvenirs and head off to the local gamer bar Le Versus. WHICH WAS SO FREAKING AWESOME BTW. Le Versus is a gamer and board game bar with themed drinks and food. I loved it so so so much, I recommend anyone within a 2 hours driving radius needs to go now!! For non-alcohol drinkers like me, I especially appreciated the variety of virgin cocktails. Try the Pikachu!

We played a bit of Mario Kart, the Fabulous / Quake rivalry was pretty intense! And then sang along with the table next to us to Queen. The night ended perfectly with line dancing to Shania Twain’s I feel like a woman. I tried my best to follow haha – video from le Versus here. We took a few dabbing photos on the sidewalk and then headed back to Quake’s parents for some beauty sleep. The next morning, we set out early on our drive back home.

Thank you so much to Saggeek for inviting the Sailor Scouts, it was an amazing experience that we will never forget. Fingers crossed that we get to come back next year!