This crazy little huge thing…

This crazy little huge thing happened to me.
I was busy at work and I took a break to check my phone and there was a message from my ex-coach saying: WAKE UP.
And there was a screenshot.

Overwatch World Cup 2018 Team Canada

I am one of the 10 candidates for Overwatch World Cup 2018 Team Canada’s committee. Little ol’ me. Who has even heard of me? And I’m there sitting at the first spot of the list of potential community leads for THE FREEST COUNTRY IN THE WORLD.

This is just crazy.

My first reaction was shaking. Then it was to login to my Battle.Net to see for myself. My hands were shaking and I couldn’t type my password correctly. Breathe. Get a snack. Let’s do this.

During phase 1, I made a little funny video to promote myself, and even if I gave it all my effort, I didn’t want to expect too much from it. There are other great Canadians in the Overwatch community, I didn’t want to be too disappointed but here I am: at the front of that list, that’s not in alphabetical order. That doesn’t even seem to be in any particular order. I can only come to the conclusion that Jeff Kaplan has personally chosen me to represent my great nation of maple syrup, hockey and xQc.

Now, I will give this my everything and make sure I meet Jeff in person at the World Cup, shake his hand and thank him for watching over me.

If you ever don’t believe in yourself, believe in me. Because I believe in you.


your friendly Canadian neighborhood Overwatch nerd.

edit: i lost oh dear 😅



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