The Recall

A little background info for everyone reading this outside of Montreal… story time.

Founded last year, Montreal Esports is our city’s power house for everything esports, especially Overwatch, where they purchased a spot in the Contenders. Co-owned by MMA fighter Georges St-Pierre (who is like the best pound for pound fighter ever), there is a lot of hype surrounding this company and definitely a lot of budget too.
They recently started creating content for their Twitch channel, on top of local tournament streams and this is where our story starts.

The impossibly beautiful Akuiko, panelist on Radio Tablot, is hired to be the host of The Recall, a weekly recap show following MTL Esports’ Contenders team, the Grizzlys. Each week, she’s accompanied by Tisane, the statistician, and a guest analyst. And lo and behold, she asked me to be the guest on week 4! Guys, this is just so amazing. I’ve never thought about being an analyst but this was totally a life changing experience.

So Sunday evening, we each watched the Grizzlys vs Toronto Esports match separately in the comfort of our own homes, took notes, cheered, cried, enjoyed some good Overwatch. Later that night, we all congregated together to compare notes and decide which topics to cover. The next day, I went to meet up with the girls at the MTL Esports office, where I found Tisane smack talking in a quick play game LOL.
We had a brief meeting with the production crew and we were ready to set up in front of the green screen! (Suspicious how Tisane and I are Asian and Akuiko made sure the background would be Lijiang Tower? hmmm…. haha) I was really excited to cover my topics and just talk about some Overwatch in general. The total run time is 15 minutes for the panelist portion of the show, but I was really surprised how fast time went by; I didn’t get to say everything I had prepared ;_;

I did stumble a bit on Junkertown when I started talking about a clip and a different one started playing haha. That’s the beauty of live TV isn’t it? 🙂 All in all, I think it went pretty well. 10/10 would do it again.

Here is the replay on Youtube:

Thank you so much to everyone involved and especially Akuiko bae who gave me the opportunity to be a part of something so fun!
If you enjoyed my analysis or just thought I was fun, please send me offers to be on your Overwatch show lol 🙂