Learning Korean to become a better gamer? 네!

The Overwatch World Cup 2017 was the first time I watched Koreans play OW and I was amazed. Fl0w3r and Saebyeolbe quickly became my favorite players. SBB even waved to me at Blizzcon. ☺️
Now, on Overwatch League nights, I always cheer for New York Excelsior.
Since discovering the Korean Overwatch scene, I’ve been completely fascinated by all things Korean. Oh dear, I have become a kweeb.

I started eating Korean food on a weekly basis (I can’t imagine a life without tteokbokki, kbbq and fried chicken anymore), I starting watching k-dramas (Strong Girl Bong-Soon and Sound of your Heart were amazing!) and listening to IU and BTS (Just like Seoul Dynasty, as proven by their Spotify playlist!).

To take my new obsession to the next level, I switched my game language to Korean. It makes scrims longer haha but most of the menu uses a Korean pronunciation of English words and map names are basically the same.


Learning the Korean alphabet was ez clap. It only has 24 letters, 2 less than ours. It took me about two weeks, 5 minutes a day to learn the alphabet by heart, so it’s definitely doable for anyone who has an extra hour on their hands and wants to kweeb it up.

So now that I can read everything on the menu, I only have to understand what I’m reading lul.
An example of easy words that sound like English:
플레이 = peullei = play

In game, all the voice actors are different but the voices themselves are very recognizable. Widowmaker still has french lines, but they are done by another actress. Blizzard did an excellent job at maintaining the mood and integrity of each hero throughout their voices that you’ll have no trouble telling them apart after a language switch.

So now that I have the basics down, have I improved at Overwatch? No, not at all haha.
But I swear, after watching a NYXL match, I do feel like my Widowmaker accuracy goes up a few points.