Dreamhack Montreal aka the day we met McGravy

I’ve never imagined Dreamhack would come to my home town, and here we are at the 2nd Dreamhack Montreal. Yay.

My all girls team, the Sailor Scouts, is competing in the Overwatch tournament. There are so many great teams coming from all over Quebec, and some from the USA, that my hopes for a top 3 spot might seem a little overstretched, haha. But there is one team I am looking forward to playing against: Envision. They are an Overwatch Contenders team and it would be just so fun to meet them in person.

And we totally did! We had a match against them in group play and we totally captured Illios at 44%. Of course Envision was playing more casually and having fun, but I’m pretty sure they were suprised 😛 We rewatched it all on Fahzix’s stream afterwards and they had a good laugh too.
I asked their manager for a group photo after the match, and they kindly accepted eeeeeeeeeeeeee!


McGravy is a totally cutie pie and he proudly held our bunny mascot!
Envision went on to win the Overwatch tournament the next day. GG!

Fabulous made this little commemorative photo for me but our friendship didn’t last! After the Lan, McGravy removed me from his Battle.Net friend list 😢😢😢
I can only assume it’s because he was at his friend limit and needed to make room 😅

The rest of our matches went very well, we won a few and surprisingly gave a hard time to some great teams.

We ended up with 6th place and brought some home cash money! Yay! That makes us professional gamers right?

photo 1

One of our financial donors, Scavenger Studios, was on site with their soon to be released game Darwin Project. The Sailor Scouts got their chance at the battle royal-esque game and GG to Quake coming out in 2nd place!

A great perk of Dreamhack was the unlimited quantities of Monster! My favorite energy drink is Monster Zero Ultra and it was just being handed out every where! Quake and I took full advantage of this haha.
One of the teams we played against were seated in the Bell VIP area and when we went to shake their hands after our match, they let us raid their personal fridge filled with even more Monster. 😊
Everyone is so nice on LAN!!

A good friend of ours, Kensigton was really impressed with our performance on Saturday, which is a huge compliment because he plays with some great Contenders level players. He graciously reviewed some of our matches and helped us with our Sunday game plan. After Dreamhack, he officially became our team coach 😊

Dreamhack 2017 was an amazing experience and I want to thank everyone who made it possible through our IndieGoGo campaign. It means so much to us that people believe in the Sailor Scouts and we are just at the beginning of this beautiful journey!


// Header photo credit: Voltaic Photo


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